PRICE LIST – What you see below is what you pay, no hidden extras!

Learning English with your own personal trainer

ONE to ONE LESSONS  BLOCK BOOKINGS    Packages of ten or twenty 45 minute lessons

SINGLE PACKAGE: The classic One-to-One lesson between you and your own personal language trainer. Flexible times and Tailor-made lessons for your needs.

10 X 45 minute / 5 X 90 minute lessons ………. 325 EUR
20 X 45 minutes / 10 X 90 minute lessons …….. 590 EUR

DOUBLE PACKAGE: Similar to above but this time you share your lessons with a partner, friend, work colleague, etc…  The price works out cheaper per person.

10 X 45 minute / 5 X 90 minute lessons………. per Person 205 EUR

20 X 45 minute / 10 X 90 minute lessons…….. per Person 350 EUR

ONE to ONE LESSONS   One lesson at a time – Pay as you Go

45 minutes tuition = 37 EUR   (1 person)       48 EUR   (2 pers)

90 minutes tuition = 68 EUR   (1 person)       86 EUR   (2 pers)

2 hours tuition      = 88 EUR   (1 person)       110 EUR   (2 pers)


COURSES  All prices for 10 x 90-minute lessons unless otherwise stated

EVERYDAY & CONVERSATION ENGLISH                      €169 per person

BUSINESS ENGLISH                                                    €239 per person

KIDDY COURSE (10 x 60-minute sessions)               €99 per person

IN-COMPANY COURSES                                            (price negotiable)


NOTE: Cancellation charges apply to Stundenpakete. A refund will be given calculated on your used hours being charged at the normal 45 minute rate of €37 per lesson. The time limit to use up your Stundenpakete is 6 months for the 10 hour packet and 9 months for the 20 hour packet.

PRIVATE GROUP COURSES   YOUR OWN CHOICE     10 week free-style courses

You can arrange your own group course of between 4 and 6 people at the same price as our advertised courses  –  €169 per person. The courses must run for 10 consecutive weeks with ONE ninety-minute lesson at the same time and on the same day every week.

All prices shown are inclusive except for course books when required. VAT (MwSt) is not charged due to our special status with the Bezirksregierung as a small independent school.

Tel: 0211 8693569 for more info and bookings